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Zootopia FanFic FINAL
--- Zootopia FanFic  FINIAL ---
{One Year Later}
My relationship with Bonnie and Stu grew amazingly after I decided to move out to the Burrow. I was able to bond and play with my kids during the day and then they would see to them in the afternoons and nights while I took the later shift at work.
I smiled as I pulled out the finishing touches on Jeremiah and Jasper's Cub Scout uniforms. I placed their hats on each of their heads. I grinned at both of them. "Go have fun, Ok?" I hugged them and kissed their foreheads. "Love you, daddy!" They both said at the same time. "Love you, buddies." They ran off to join the rest of the troop.
I turned and looked at Joy who was holding onto my tail. "Looks like it's just me and you, Joy!" She giggled as I scooped her up into my arms and held her, lovingly.
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Zootopia FanFic Part 31
--- Zootopia FanFic Part 31 ---
My apartment was filled wall to wall with baby things. The ZPD held a donation drive that turned out very well. A lot of the officers and civilians went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed and enough supplies to last until I went back to work.
I was exhausted after being up for most of the night with three squealing babies. I had just finished feeding the cubs and laid them down for sleep. It was finally quiet, so I jumped on the opportunity to at least close my eyes for 5 minutes. I maneuvered through boxes, toys and cloths until I reached the couch. I flopped down and sighed heavily.
I had managed to fall asleep for a minute before I was woken up by the door knocking. I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes. I laid there debating if I really wanted to answer it. I got up, walked over and opened the door. I should have ignored it...Bonnie and Stu stood there nervously. "Hello, Nick." Bonnie said. I stared at them. "Why are you here?" I
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Zootopia FanFic Part 30
--- Zootopia FanFic Part 30 ---
The nurses had escorted me out of the room while they stitched up her body and cleaned. I sat outside on a bench in the hallway, staring off into the distance. I was completely numb. All I could think was 'why'. Dr. Badger soon came out of the room and approached me. She squatted in front of me as she placed her paw on my knee. "Mr. deepest condolences..." she apologized. I refused to look at her; I physically couldn't.
-"Dr. Marge."- A nurse walked over to us from the opposite end of the hallway. Dr. Badger stood up. -"The kit is in the NICU** and the other three are settled in the nursery. Would you like me to take him back?"- Dr. Badger slowly stepped away from me. "No. Let him take his time. Tell the front desk that when he's ready, to page you, so that he can go. Also, tell them to call me when Judy's parents arrive, please." She said going back to the operation room -"will do"-. The nurse walked to the front desk then went back down the
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Zootopia FanFic Part 29
--- Zootopia FanFic Part 29 ---
Between work and home, I was spread thin ever since I had asked Bogo for an earlier shift. Every morning started by waking up at 3az and leaving for work at 4. I would start parking duty, writing 100 tickets by noon, then go on afternoon patrol; which lately has been constantly casing different suspects and bringing them in for interrogation for this homicide case I was on. After that, I would work on my mountain of paperwork until 7pz. When I finally get off, I go home and tend to Judy.
The 7th week was coming to an end and she had already started showing signs of early labor.
I tiredly walked into my apartment and threw my things down. I went into my bedroom to see Judy laying down, curled up. She looked up over her shoulder at me and half way smiled. "How was work?" She asked low. I slowly crawled into bed next to her. "Brutal. I don't know how you deal with ticket duty. A guy threw his drink on me and then some brat kicked me. I wrote 127 tickets and
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Zootopia FanFic Part 28
--- Zootopia FanFic Part 28 ---
I was bored out of my mind on patrol. It was 10pz and the city was quiet. I was hoping to at least get some action, anything to keep my mind distracted and my hand away from my phone. I leaned against the arm rest. Me....a farther. Never in my life I thought I would find myself in this situation. Then again, I never thought I would be a cop. I pictured my life constantly ripping people off and riding the van into the sunset with Fin.
My phone buzzed and I groaned. I was behind on a lot of paperwork and figured it was Bogo calling to hound me. I pulled my phone from my belt and looked at the screen; it was Judy! I frantically pressed answer and held the phone to my ear. "Judy!" I sighed in relief. "I' glad you called." I said. It was quiet on the end. "....Judy?..." I then heard muffled sobbing. My heart sank. "Are you crying?! Are you hurt?! Where are you?!" I said as fast as I could get out. It was still quiet.
"...They're so beautiful, Nic
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Back from SB and so not ready to get back in the routine again ; ;
Holy Sprite
*sigh* Ban Love  Season 2 of SDS is finally out La la la la  Drew a FFXI sprite with him because I have absolutely no control over myself :| (Blank Stare)  and plus they have matching spiky hair Meow :3 
Another week where it seems like everything is due all at once Waaaah!. SB is next week and i've been dying to draw. Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues will be spent sketching a storm that has been brewing. Awesome content to come. Wait on it! I am a dummy! 
Welp! I haven't been on my page since forever, because of Uni and all. I've been working on A LOT and I finally have the confidence to post my stuff. Hopefully I'll stick to it this time and be consistent! Anyway, I'm revamping my page for the work I plan to post. Hope you all enjoy!  


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